As well as developing innovative processes and tooling, we collaborate with organisations who are looking to solve any technical and production issues within EDM Wire, Spark Erosion or Milling and Turning.

Our Research & Development skills and expertise offer proven process and production improvements by partners across many sectors within Blue Chip companies, SMEs and Higher Education Institutions. You will benefit not only from our expertise, but also an increase in quality and reduction in production time and cost. We also guarantee absolute confidentiality throughout the entire process.

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Once we’ve consulted with you to evaluate what you need from EDM Zone, our in-house design department offers a full range of CAD/CAM capabilities.

Whether you need full or part models, from scratch prototypes or specialist machining, our rapid prototyping facilities can maximise efficiency, minimise waste and fine-tune product design.

EDM Zone are also specialists in reverse-engineering, fully-assembled prototypes along with many other specific requirements.

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EDM Zone has been developed to be highly responsive to your needs and requirements; with the ability to operate on a 24/7 basis, including overnight “lights-off” operations.

This enables us to produce high volumes of components and quick turnarounds whilst reducing overall production times. You can also request made-to-order parts, prototypes and one-offs and can order multiple batches and drip-feed parts as and when call-offs are required. This can be managed by us over any timescales that you require. We also support you with your MRP/ERP order requirements and can provide Kanban systems.

Our suite of machines offers :-

+ Wire EDM 
+ CNC Spark Erosion 
+ 4 Axis CNC Mill 
+ CNC Lathe 
+ EDM Hole Drilling 
+ Surface Grinding
+ Surface Treatments

  • EDM Zone's manufacturing services
  • EDM Zone's manufacturing services
  • EDM Zone's manufacturing services



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We aim to be an integral part of your supply chain, always providing the seamless delivery of parts.